9–5 The Musical

Touring until 27 July. Seen at Theatre Royal, Brighton.

Photo by Simon Annand

Bonnie Langford in 9-5 The Musical. Picture: Simon Annand

The trend for successful films to find new lives on stage continues with this hilarious transition which has music and lyrics written by Dolly Parton, one of the film’s original stars. Miss Parton also appears in the show, albeit on film, when she talks to the audience, acting as narrator. The production is a real humdinger providing first-class entertainment that leaves a heartwarming glow.

The stage show remains set in 1979, which humourously highlights the rapid changes in office technology, and centres on three secretaries and the battles they have with their sexist and egotistical boss. After an evening of smoking pot, events get out of hand leading to the ladies kidnapping him and extracting the ultimate in satisfactory retribution.

Barrie Jerram

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