Adam & Eve and Steve – Edinburgh Festival Fringe – C venues

2016ADAMEVE_CA-1Adam & Eve and Steve at C venues – C (Venue 34), 3-29 August (excl 15).

Star rating: five stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is not just good – it’s GREAT! From the get-go, the show is slick, brilliantly cast and the performance of each and every individual is perfection. Fresh from being crowned the best new musical on the Hollywood Fringe, the show has skipped across the pond, updated a few ‘contemporary’ details and delivers what must be one of the best tickets on the Fringe.

The notion is that Beelzebub intervenes after God created Adam, creating ‘Steve’ (or is that St. Eve?) leading to confusion in poor innocent Adam when the real ‘Eve’ arrives on the scene. This leads to the desperate situation: “Only three people in the world and it’s already over-crowded.”

The comedy is bawdy, witty and down-right perfect, but it is balanced with genuine sincerity. The direction is clear, pleasing and keeps the pace bouncing along – not a second is wasted in the 80 minutes. Note-perfect, Tom Chester excels in musical direction and Francesca Goodridge demonstrates impeccable judgement of pace through her direction and choreography at just the right level of detail to suit both cast and audience.

There is a showstopping moment – no, not a musical number – a pronouncement from God himself. Sincerely – this is better than good. And I won’t give away what God says – it’s between Him, Steve and us all.

Fiona Orr

Max Emmerson Productions and Elva Corrie


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