Baby Wants Candy – The Completely Improvised Big Band Musical – Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Assembly George Square

Baby Wants Candy – The Completely Improvised Big Band Musical continues at Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) until 27 August.

Star rating: four stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩

From the get-go, the audience are on-side with this challenge – it’s a team game for everyone involved.

This one-of-a kind show literally opens and closes on the same night: tonight. Which is probably a blessing as the title backed by the audience I joined – ‘He Wanked in My Grandma’s Hair –would struggle to find a reliable audience!

The ‘lead’ in this razor-sharp ensemble switches constantly from person to person – musician or performer – with often startling originality and wit.

In the version I witnessed, the cast created a chorus line of walker/zimmer frame users; a power ballad about hands in hair; a fire-breathing dragon; an army of ‘hair police’ – all leading to a finale in a ‘County Social’.

In one particular scene, the protagonist began a dialogue with his own anatomy, each element of which became portrayed glove-puppet style by the others in the cast.

Not for the faint-hearted, but appealing to the broadest sense of humour, this is a white-knuckle ride of bawdy, sharp, witty and surprisingly musical comedy that is hard to beat for a brilliantly entertaining hour.

Fiona Orr


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