Brave New Girl – Tamar Broadbent – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2015TAMARBR_ATUBrave New Girl continues at Cowgatehead until 29 August.

Star rating: four stars ★ ★ ★ ★

Returning to the Free Fringe, the amazingly talented Tamar Broadbent has created a show loosely based on her travels over the last year. Suffering from middle-class angst at the frustration of unexpected items in her bagging area that sparked off spontaneous Tourettes in her local Tesco, she tells the tale of finding her braver self… In Australia (as you do.)

Her search for her inner super-hero is hilarious and her musical journey takes us to exotic places and erotic(ish) experiences. This is not a show for the faint-hearted – Broadbent may look sweet and demure, but put her behind her keyboard and microphone and something raw and honest roars! Raunchy, funny, witty and brave – this artist’s sheer talent has the audience weeping with laughter.

A funnier, faster hour will be hard to find in Edinburgh this year – definitely a talent to watch!

Fiona Orr

Tamar Broadbent/PBH’s Free Fringe


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