Brexit the Musical – Edinburgh Festival Fringe – C Venues

Brexit the Musical (Strong and Stable Productions) continues at C Venues – C until 28 August (not 15).

Star rating: two stars ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩

There are moments in this show that are really, genuinely, funny.  Some of the impressions are very good indeed – particularly the David Cameron lookalike and the Michael Gove characterisation.

The plot is founded on the idea that the Tories did not expect to lose the referendum and that George Osborne was the only person with a Plan B. Theresa May directs Gove and Boris Johnson to find the missing plan.

Along the way, we meet Jeremy Corbyn (who sits on the floor permanently) and, surprisingly, a lot of stage time is given to the portrayal of Andrea Leadsom (who lost her challenge for the Conservative part leadership). Johnson is predictably a fool who bumbles and mumbles along in Union Jack underpants and socks.

When creating and billing a work as Brexit the Musical, audiences generally expect decent singing performances. The singing here is not great. The songs themselves are neither strong enough nor witty enough to carry the show. Generally, it’s all too predictable and somewhat ‘safe’.

Perhaps pruning some of the songs and allowing more imaginative interaction between the characters would improve the piece. An injection of political bite might help. Just some additional flair and imagination, plus playing to the strengths of the cast, would create a stronger and more stable show.

Fiona Orr


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