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before-after-cd-coverBEFORE AFTER – Original Cast (SimG Records – SimGR-CD031)

The latest release from SimG records is a real humdinger! Wonderful concept, fantastic music, clever lyrics, stunning cast – what more could you want?

[SPOILER ALERT!] The story concerns Ben and Ami who once were lovers. However, after a tragic accident which leaves Ben with no memory, they do not see one another – until one fateful day when they meet on a hillside. It is only Ami that recognises Ben. She is about to tell him the truth, but then realises this could be a second chance for love – what could possibly go wrong?

Because of the Before and After aspects of the piece, I would advise you to read this synopsis before listening to the album, otherwise you may get hopelessly lost in the story. But it is beautifully conceived, and you are left at the end of the journey wondering just what will happen to them in the future. Perhaps room for Before After II?

The two lovers are played with great empathy by Caroline Sheen and Hadley Fraser. They have a gamut of emotions to get through before the end of the piece, but they manage it with great aplomb.

Their job is made all that much easier by the writing of Stuart Matthew Price and Timothy Knapman.

Orchestrations are by Stuart Matthew Price and Stephen Ridley and the playing on the CD is so good that, at times, you forget it is simply piano, guitar and cello.

I believe the show has had a run in Japan – isn’t it about time it opened over here?

Nick Wakeham

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