CD Review – Golden Days – Brian May and Kerry Ellis

GoldenDaysGOLDEN DAYS – Brian May and Kerry Ellis (Sony Music)

A follow up to their last album collaboration, Anthems, this new CD from Brian May and Kerry Ellis has 13 tracks of which five are original songs written by May and/or Ellis.

It’s an eclectic mix of rock with musical theatre and at times it works – at others it doesn’t. Of the original songs, the one that I liked the best was ‘Golden Days’ itself with perhaps ‘Love in a Rainbow’ coming a close second.

Out of the other tracks on the album, I was most taken with ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ – which is performed in a laidback ballad style, instead of the pop version we are accustomed to hearing. It also suits Ellis’ voice and doesn’t sound as over-produced as some of the tracks.

A couple of the songs sound very similar and, to be honest, the album could be much tighter. The cheesy intro and outro to ‘Story of a Heart’ should certainly have been omitted.

Having said that, May and Ellis obviously have a huge fan base and following who will lap this album up in its entirety.

Also, with its diversity and the fact there are original songs on here, you certainly won’t be complaining about variety.

Plus, there is no doubting the talent involved from both these hugely successful artists.

Nick Wakeham


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