Every Little Step She Takes

Broadway and West End actress Leigh Zimmerman is always true to the characters she plays, as Lisa Martland discovers.

Leigh Zimmerman in The Producers. Picture: Roy Tan

Leigh Zimmerman in The Producers. Picture: Roy Tan

It’s hard to argue with Leigh Zimmerman’s record when it comes to musical theatre. Alongside a string of impressive TV and film credits, she has made a habit of playing and creating leading roles in Broadway and West End productions, the latest of which is sexy, streetwise Sheila in the current London revival of A Chorus Line.

Zimmerman obviously knew the reputation of this historic show – conceived, directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett back in 1975 – but it is only since being part of the cast that she has become aware of the skill involved in its creation.

“I have been involved in revivals and the creation of productions, but the construction of this show is something else. The fact that producer Joseph Papp was willing to support all those workshops with the actors and creators in the run-up to the original production made so much difference. Out of that commitment and all they learned, little miracles were born. I am absolutely loving being part of the show.”

The American actress and singer has also been fascinated by hearing excerpts from the original audiotapes of Bennett speaking to the dancers during those early workshops. These were featured in the documentary Every Little Step that followed the casting process for the 2006 Broadway revival and explored the musical’s history.

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