Landor Theatre leaves Clapham base

Devilish! 7 Alex Green (Angel) Louie Westwood (TV host) Photo Scott Rylander

Devilish!, recently staged at the Landor Theatre. Picture: Scott Rylander

Leading London fringe venue the Landor Theatre has been closed after over two decades operating above the Clapham pub from which it took its name.

The theatre’s artistic director Robert McWhir released a statement claiming new restrictions on the space’s audience capacity meant the theatre was no longer financially viable.

According to the press release, the surprise decision was made following a review of fire safety protocols at the pub which resulted in the theatre capacity being reduced to under 50 seats.

McWhir said: “Of course safety is our first priority, but the new limits mean the venue is no longer viable for the size and quality of shows we have produced and hosted, or would wish to in the future.”

As well as paying tribute to “the loyal patrons of our theatre company and the fabulous creatives and casts who have made us what we are”, McWhir revealed that negotiations were currently underway to find the Landor Theatre a new home.

One of London’s most popular Fringe venues, the Landor Theatre has focused on staging a mixture of classic and new musical theatre in an intimate setting.

Angela Thomas


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