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SarahT-shoot4London-Paris-Roam! was reviewed at the Tristan Bates Theatre, London. The show is currently on a spring tour.

Star rating: three stars ★ ★ ★

After spending 20 years living in Paris, Sarah Tullamore, a self-confessed woman of a certain age, is packing her bags, clearing her clutter and moving on.

With one hand clasping the neck of a wine glass and the other rummaging through cardboard boxes, London- Paris-Roam! is a one-woman show packed full of Tullamore’s globetrotting reminiscences.

In the process the actress adopts a range of different characters, reeling off memories she has created all over the world, using a mixture of songs and anecdotes (most of which include moody waitresses).

The score, written by James Burn, offers some good songs including ‘The Bill’ and ‘The Compatibility Blues’, which prove to be particular crowd-pleasers. They are, undoubtedly, well written and Tullamore’s comedic nature only adds to their success.

At times, however, the different songs lack individual style, making the music seem somewhat repetitive and dull.

The script itself also seems to lack any kind of direction. The stories told jump from Paris, to Italy, to Japan, only to go straight back to Paris, again.

Tullamore’s anecdotes become lost in a stream of consciousness and it proves difficult to keep up, let alone have any feeling towards them. This issue is highlighted in a song about a failed relationship – with no context, it’s difficult to have any engagement with it.

Tullamore herself is very likeable, funny and intelligent. She also has a wonderful voice.

Jordan Clarke, who accompanied Tullamore on the piano, deserves a special mention. The two performers make a wonderful duo and Clarke’s subtle, witty comments throughout add to the light-hearted nature of the performance.

Polly Sisley


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