Musical Theatre Review campaign backs cast album for I Can’t Sing!

Uncomplicated Love

Nigel Harman and Alan Morrissey perform the number Uncomplicated Love from I Can’t Sing! Picture: Roy Tan

“Steve Brown’s original score for I Can’t Sing! features a selection of excellent and thankfully diverse musical numbers that both inform the narrative and entertain – a simple task that has been woefully lacking in the West End for a while now.

“Original musicals are few and far between and Brown’s score has so much that is worthy of success.”

Those are the words of Musical Theatre Review’s Paul Vale on seeing the Harry Hill and Steve Brown X Factor-inspired musical I Can’t Sing!, and it was Paul who said how much he would like to hear a cast recording of the show which sadly closes at the London Palladium on 10 May.

Stage Entertainment chief executive Rebecca Quigley commented: “The West End can be an unpredictable place as the closure of a number of high profile productions recently has shown.

I Can’t Sing! has had audiences on their feet night after night, four and five star reviews from the critics and an amazing company and creative team, but it seems that isn’t always enough.”

However, one thing that is true of musical theatre is that fans and admirers of shows – flops and hits – always love the opportunity to revisit a score and the only way that is possible is through a cast album. Both the short-lived recent productions, Stephen Ward and From Here to Eternity, were recorded, so why not I Can’t Sing!?

It’s not just as a matter of record, which is important too, but it is the fact that this is an original score (a rare thing these days) and one performed by incredibly talented cast – not least Nigel Harman, Cynthia Erivo, Alan Morrissey, Ashley Knight, Victoria Elliott, Simon Bailey, Katy Secombe, Charlie Baker and Simon Lipkin.

So come on co-producers Stage Entertainment UK and Simon Cowell’s Syco Productions (I believe Mr Cowell is something big in the music industry), pay tribute to this cast and creative team, as well as the audiences that have had so much fun enjoying I Can’t Sing!, and record the score for posterity.

It’s not just now that the decision will be appreciated, but future musical theatre enthusiasts will thank you as well.

To support Musical Theatre Review’s campaign, Tweet #RecordICantSingnow. Go on, you know it makes sense!

Lisa Martland

Just listen to Cynthia Erivo performing ‘I Can’t Sing!’ to get you in the mood!


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