Nailed It! – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2015NAILEDJ_9BNailed It! continues at Assembly Roxy until 17 August.

Star rating: three stars ★ ★ ★

Here’s a lovely quirky and talented duo from Australia who are sadly only performing during the first half of the Fringe, which will be a disappointment to their growing fan base. Personable and witty, this well-turned out pair of bespectacled young chaps look like Australia’s answer to The Proclaimers and certainly have the knack of creating catchy tunes.

Andrew Strano’s voice is resonant, clear and a pleasure to listen to; Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer is more than the accompanist here as they work so well together, knowing just when to underscore and when to all but ‘interrupt’. The duo presents a broad range of styles from the Sondheim-esque to modern, wordy patter songs with snappy lyrics, and some very interesting rhyming patterns.

Billed as a: “Heartfelt, meaningful examination of life, love, Hogwarts, incest and plant genitalia,” I found the show to be more gentle than the duo seems to think it is (maybe the Fringe has hardened me a bit!) There are moments of sudden sweetness that take skill to accomplish in amongst all the wit and humour. That these are heartfelt is certainly not in doubt and the audience enjoy the range of moods and variety of musical style in the very fast hour.

Haste ye back, lads – catch them while you can!

Fiona Orr

Mackenzie-Spencer and Strano


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