All By My Selfie – Tamar Broadbent – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

tamar-broadbent-all-by-my-selfie_2014TAMARBR_ADWAll By My Selfieperformed by Tamar Broadbent, continues at Cowgatehead until 25 August.

This 24-year-old songstress/stand-up is beyond engaging – she has the audience totally onside from the word go. Sharing her world as portrayed through a variety of social media, she brings us all along with her, joining in with the anthemic ‘I Love My iPhone’ – a room full of strangers bonded by their gadgets, waving them happily through the air, singing along with Broadbent.

She cajoles and rewards participation from her audience and has a smile and warmth about her that sweeps us along in her exuberance. Her voice is bang on – she can whisper a ballad (but not a serious one, of course!) or belt out in full rock voice. ‘She’s a Lightweight’ sticks with you long after the show – brilliantly funny, both to watch and to hear.

Part of the Free Fringe, the venue is rather ad-hoc, but that doesn’t trouble this young woman – she commands her space with effortless ease. It’s one of the fastest, funniest hours I’ve had this Fringe.

If Victoria Wood ever sees this fabulous young performer, she will retire forever – there is a newly crowned princess of the send-up song and stand-up. All hail, Princess Tamar!

Fiona Orr

* Tamar Broadbent/La Favorita Festival


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