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Damn Yankees – Landor Theatre

Damn Yankees continues at the Landor Theatre, London until 8 November. When Damn Yankees landed over here as a 1958 movie version of the award-winnning Broadway musical, they changed the title to ‘What Lola Wants’ to protect the sensibilities of well-bred matrons who might throw up their hands in horror at the sight of the word ‘Damn’ on advertising hoardings. […]

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The Pajama Game – Shaftesbury Theatre

The Pajama Game continues at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, until 13 September. A musical about union trouble at a pajama factory in a small Midwest town in 1950s America doesn’t immediately appeal as something worth dragging yourself away from the MasterChef final for. But then neither did one based on a book of twee TS […]

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Damn Yankees – Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Damn Yankees continues at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, London until 14 April. As 1950s musical comedies go, Damn Yankees has struggled in the UK – its West End revival in 1997 closing after just a couple of months. Maybe that’s down to British audiences’ unfamiliarity with baseball, the sporting subject at the musical’s heart. If so, that […]

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