Tamar Broadbent – Get Ugly – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2016TAMARBR_O3Tamar Broadbent – Get Ugly at the Laughing Horse @ Espionage (Venue 185), until 28 August.

Star rating: five stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

PLEASE – someone – spot this amazing young woman and give her a venue that is somewhere on a par with her talent!

Firstly – a head’s up…  It’s better to enter Espionage from the Grassmarket/Cowgate – it looks a bit dodgy, but saves you descending through five floors and crossing the floor of the act performing on -3! However you reach Broadbent though, do make the effort. This lass is stunning. She has a loyal legion of followers from her regular Edinburgh visits, and this show is a notch up once again.

Opening with her YouTube and live ‘hit’ ‘The Train Ride of Shame’, Broadbent works into meatier topics, such as ‘Hipsters’ –where else would you hear ‘Putin’ rhymed with ‘gluten’? And, you know that gorgeous girl who seems to be at the gym every time you visit and struggle to even look human? Broadbent does and sings her to you…

There is a decent amount of audience interaction throughout the show, but handled with so much charm that not a single person minds. This show is perfectly pitched and demonstrates not only Broadbent’s talent as a performer, but her skill in working her audience to bring the best out of that live relationship.

You will laugh – often and loudly, guaranteed. Broadbent  is a female Tim Minchin: witty, harmonious, talented and downright cute (she’ll hate that!) as in this show she shows herself as a ‘strong woman’ – ask her fridge. She’s strong, we promise.

A more pleasing hour on the Fringe would be hard to find. Laughs by the bucket-load – and you will look for her in the future. One day you will see her on TV and tell anyone who will listen that you ‘found’ her on the Fringe, in a basement in Espionage. You owe it to your future self to see this show!

 Fiona Orr

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