The Bodyguard

Currently running at the Adelphi Theatre, London.

Photo by Paul Coltas

Lloyd Owen in The Bodyguard. Picture: Paul Coltas

A good, solid, honest musical, The Bodyguard delivers what it says on the label, and gives its audience exactly what they come for – a live version of the popular 1992 movie. If it doesn’t do much more than that, if there’s nothing especially special about it – well, this audience doesn’t want more.

I’m not damning with faint praise or patronising the people who will enjoy this. As I have asserted before, the special-occasion good-night-out audience is a legitimate population with a legitimate desire to be entertained, and The Bodyguard gives them respect and value for money.

What it doesn’t do is reach beyond a duplication of the film experience as, say, the stage versions of The Lion King or Mary Poppins did. As the Holiday Inn hotel chain used to promise, there are no surprises – the audience gets exactly what they expect, no less and no more.

Gerald Berkowitz

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