The Clockmaker’s Daughter returns to London stage for one night only.

CR2Nx97W0AQUXGGFollowing an acclaimed world premiere season at the Landor Theatre, the original cast and creative team of The Clockmaker’s Daughter, a new British musical by Michael Webbon and Daniel Finn, are to reunite for a special one-off concert version at St James Studio on Monday 2 November.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter was praised by critics and the production was nominated for ten awards. It sold out the majority of its run, received four and five star reviews, and received support from the likes of Tom and Giovanna Fletcher (McBusted/hit blogger and novelist) and Matt Lucas.

Spindlewood, like most towns of age, has its traditions. But no practice, custom or Old Wives Warning is so firmly adhered to as ‘The Turning of the Key’. Every year, on the last night of winter, as the first day of spring unfolds, the townsfolk gather to take part in a strange ritual. They meet in the centre of the town square, where a statue bearing the likeness of a young girl stands, poised and still, one hand raised as if to toast the sky. Constance has stood in the square for as long as any can remember. But she is never more lifelike than tonight. Spindlewood is also home to a clockmaker with a secret – something the simple folk of the town must never discover. Through methods hidden even to himself, the Clockmaker has created something much, much more than a machine…

Members of the cast are: Jennifer Harding, Alan McHale, Jo Wickham, Lawrence Carmichael, Alyssa Martyn, Alex Spinney, Rob McManus, Leah Pinney, Matthew McCabe, Natalie Harman, Clodagh Meany, Emily Peach, Paul Brangan, Paul Bradshaw, Kathryn Aitken, Colette Lennon, Max Abraham and Ryan Lynch.

The creative team includes: director Robert McWhir and musicians Michael Webborn (MD), Lauren Forder (violin), Alessandro Lombardo (percussion) and Doug Grannell (double bass).

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