The Iraq Pack – Live from Das Vegas (or Dead) – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2015IRAQPAC_VRThe Iraq Pack – Live from Das Vegas (or Dead) plays until 29 August at The Voodoo Rooms.

Star rating: two stars ★ ★

This uneven show is a Rat Pack style tribute featuring famous mass killers of the 20th Century. You meet the likes of Dean Stalin, Frank Sanazi, Saddami Davis Jr and Osama Bin Crosby. As you can imagine, it’s not for the faint of heart.

The evening’s master of ceremonies is Frank Sanazi. He croons through such memorable hits as ‘Strangers On My Flight’ (‘Strangers in the Night’) and ‘Third Reich’ (’That’s Life’). Sanazi channels Sinatra perfectly and is the comic highlight of the evening, even though his accent frequently slips. His regular Fuhrer-like outbursts are quite funny and the best gags in the show.

The banter with the audience is a throwback to the Rat Pack shows, with misogynistic and homophobic jabs included. If you add the Muslim stereotypes used to depict Saddami and Osama, it’s quite full-on. Think South Park meets Mad Men, minus the wit. If you are easily offended, this is not the show for you.

What is most surprising is how well they actually sing. Dean Stalin channels Dean Martin especially well, but Sanazi is the musical standout paying Hitlerian homage to Sinatra. The opening night finale was affected by technical glitches, but still managed to end strongly with ‘New York, New York‘.

It’s an odd one, but if you don’t mind your crooners laced with some offensive jokes and toilet humour, you’ve found your show.

German Munoz
Frank Sanazi

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