The S&S Award and new musical Here – latest news

C7sG84YXgAE8p0eAfter having a week’s development at Curve Leicester in September 2016, the 2015 S&S Award-winning musical Here was presented at an industry showcase this week.

Here is a folk-classical musical, inspired by writers Kate Marlais and Alex Young’s fascination with the German Dadaist artist Kurt Schwitters.

The piece is set in a remote town in Cumbria during the Second World War. It follows refugees with very different perspectives on life and demonstrates how their worlds unite during a time of destruction.

While all six characters are unnamed, the focus of the piece is predominately on a runaway artist from Germany (on this occasion played by Richard Heap) who battles to maintain his belief that, in times of conflict, creation must prevail.

Although the piece is still very much in the developing stages, it offers an impressive collection of songs and a funny, well-written book (albeit a little predictable in places).

Warner Brown, co-sponsor of The S&S Award, has also unveiled plans for the event’s future: “The S&S Award is going international. We are currently forming a partnership with a US theatre to expand and give UK writers even more opportunity, along with continuing our partnership with Leicester Curve.”

Speaking about the award-winning musical itself, Brown added: “Here is a great piece of theatre. It has got heart and is extremely well written. Among many, many entries it really stood out.”

The rest of the cast also included Carly Bawden, Clare Burt, Chris Jenkins, Daisy Maywood and Obioma Ugoala. The performance was directed by Charlotte Westenra with musical direction and supervision from Ed Bussey and Oli Jackson.

The showcase was presented by The S&S Award and Mercury Musical Developments.


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