Thrones! The Musical – Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Assembly George Square

Thrones! The Musical continues at the Assembly George Square Studios until 27 August.

Star rating: four stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩

For the third year in a row, Thrones! returns to Edinburgh with updates promised as the series airs fresh episodes every Monday night during the run.

Opening with a human version of the clockwork graphic opening sequence of the HBO global success, this inventive, affectionate parody maintains the extraordinary high standard set in the first production.

So, most asked question: ‘Does it matter if I haven’t seen Game of Thrones?’ I would have to say that it doesn’t exactly help, but you’ll want to!

The pretext for the show is a group of friends explaining the show to their one friend who has never seen a single episode, so you’ll fit right in.

Next asked question: ‘But I love Game of Thrones – will it spoil it?’ Nope! The show enhances it and you can hear the audience inventing their own parody scenes on the way out of the theatre.  Especially if you’ve read the books…

From Joffrey’s evil treatment of Fringe flyers to the ‘Jon-splaining’; from the mystifying Three-eyed Raven to the choice phrases of The Hound, the complexities of GoT are the perfect match for Baby Wants Candy’s style.

In case you’re worried about Hodor, don’t be. Willis rejoices in his own showstopping number magnificently.

This has become a must-see for Edinburgh audiences and without doubt deserves its status. Every character is instantly recognisable – including a ‘special guest’ appearance or two concerning walls and folk-singing by the fire.


Fiona Orr


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