Tuck Everlasting and American Psycho closing on Broadway

Benjamin Walker in American Psycho at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, New York. Picture: Jeremy Daniel

Benjamin Walker in American Psycho at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, New York which closes on 5 June. Picture: Jeremy Daniel

The casualties from the just-ended Broadway season are piling up, with both American Psycho and Tuck Everlasting saying abrupt farewells.

Tuck Everlasting posted a 29 May closing notice, while American Psycho will wind things up on 5 June.

Tuck, which opened officially on 26 April after 29 previews, will at its closing have chalked up 39 regular performances.

The musical, geared to family audiences, received mixed notices and failed to create a rush to the box office. Prospects were not brightened by the announcement of the Tony Award nominations; the show received only one, for its costumes.

Despite a successful London production, Psycho suffered the same malaise at the box office after spotty reviews, although it did garner two Tony nominations, for scene design and lighting. The show opened on 21 April after 27 previews. At closing, it will have had 81 regular performances.

With these closings, seven of the 2015-16 season’s new musicals have seen final curtains. Amazing Grace, which was the first to open on 16 July, said farewell on 25 October. It was followed by the Main Stem revival of Dames At Sea, an Off-Broadway hit of years ago, that officially opened on 22 October and sank on 3 January. Allegiance, which opened on 8 November, shuttered on 14 February.

The next abrupt closing came with Disaster! The show opened on 8 March for a limited run that was to go until 3 July. But with weak ticket sales and just one nomination from the Tony crowd, it met its end on 8 May.

Meanwhile, on a brighter note, the Spring Awakening revival, which settled in for a limited run on 27 September to close on 9 January, extended its stay for two weeks, finally saying adieu on 24 January.

Ron Cohen

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